It’s not just about the scale

Well, the number on the scale isn’t dropping a whole heck of a lot lately BUT I’m definitely feeling and looking a little slimmer and I feel amazing. That’s what counts! It’s just a number! I do weigh myself daily. I do this for several reasons, I’d say unless you’re able to look at that number without emotion don’t weigh so frequently. It keeps me focused, it’s a daily reminder that I’m in this for the long haul and exact day is a new commitment. For me I like seeing how I respond to foods and how my weight naturally fluctuates. I can use these along with my food journal to see problems as they come up or foods I might need to stay away from. It’s all learning what your body responds to and needs! There’s no diet book or program out there that has the perfect magic recipe for everyone! For me, I am pullin pieces from many different things I have read or tried throughout the years. And I am definitely sticking with the Low Carb way of life!!! 

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