9 Days and Counting

On January 27, 2017 I started a journey with food that I whole heatedly believe will not just change my life but save it.

Here’s my history. I have battled obesity my entire adult life and been overweight since I was a child. I have also struggled with depression and anxiety. The depression, at times has been very deep and the anxiety can be completely consuming of any energy. I have lost weight in the past and always found the most success with “low carb” style diet plans. I’ve done “medical” clinical style weight loss programs, online plans, books, joined gyms & fitness centers, been there done there with a lot of it. One thing always remains the same. At some point I “fall off the wagon” and then the binge eating starts again, I start getting hunger cravings and I crash & burn, this usually results in me gaining back all the weight I just lost plus a little. Yep, textbook yo-yo. I would get so depressed that I was a failure, why can’t I just stick with it, what is wrong with me? Why does food control me so much!?

Well … I truly believe it’s not totally my fault. It’s sugar.

I’m not looking to blame my problems on something, but I am looking to find the root cause of my problems so I can address it and live the life I was truly meant to. The facts have been starting me in the face for a very long time, I’ve just been ignoring them. I’ve had doctors throw around diagnoses like PCOS and “metabolic syndrom” when referring to my extremely irregular (mostly non existent) menstrual cycles. I have known for a while I am fairly insulin resistant and that I am very sensitive to sugar. What’s it going to take for me to finally realize that sugar is like a drug to me? That I just need to “say no”? Well, in a world ruled by carbs, it’s not that easy. The food pyramid lays it all out that “healthy grains and starches” need to be at the base of our diet. The official recommendations say it’s true, so that must be correct. Right? What if that’s not right though? What if high carb isn’t the right way? What if the guidelines are wrong? It’s obvious that the “bad” sugars are bad for us. It’s easy to see that we need to cut out cakes, candy, cookies, soda. But what about these “healthy” carbs? Well for me… they are a complete “no-go” and I believe I have finally found the information that has helped me understand why.

Several weeks ago I came across a video online about Low Carb High Fat diet/lifestyle. I followed it and watched a few others and landed on the DietDoctor.com website. I poured myself into the content. Reading about sugars, fats, research, recipes, success stories and more. It all made SO MUCH SENSE to me. It felt like it was all written just for me. It became clear to me this is a lifestyle I need to pursue. That I need to finally shake off the sugar for good. That the reasons for me crashing and burning are not necessarily that I am “weak” or that I am destined to always be fat, but because sugar is a drug and it’s been keeping me in a foggy brained prison for quite some time.

Let me also point something out that should be obvious. We are ALL different. Our bodies function quite differently. Age, sex, activity level, ethnicity, hormonal imbalances… all of these things play their part. I don’t believe there is a “one size fits all” perfect nutrition plan. I believe that some people can handle carbs much better than others. I am not one of those people.

After a week of LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) my head is clear, I feel energized and I have a very clear understanding that this is my path to wellness. I know without a doubt that if I follow the “everything in moderation” and introduce more healthy carbs that they will trigger the cravings and make it more difficult for me to resist the bad. So my game plan is, for now anyway, to completely and utterly avoid them. Like the plague. Yes, before you go there, yes I do eat some carbs. It’s actually just about impossible to go zero carb. My carbs however are sourced from foods other than potatoes, bread, rice and pasta. They can be found mostly in vegetables and some fruits (for me, berries only – no sugar bombs!).

I am excited to share more about LCHF as my journey continues. I plan to share some of our favorite low carb recipes, how I adapt things for my kids, my progress and how I am getting my kids involved in my journey so they can be set up for a healthier life.

7 thoughts on “9 Days and Counting

    1. That’s great! Well done on your loss! I lost just under 70 pounds about 9 years ago, I have gained it all back but I’m back under my max weight again! My body is quite a bit different since the last time I lost a lot of weight (after 2 kids) but I’m confident I will do it again!

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  1. This is wonderful and inspiring. So many of us have walked this path and need the support of other who have or are continuing to battle with our weight and trying to figure out what are our “trigger” foods. Sugar is one of my biggest downfalls as well. I can’t wait to see your success!


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